missional communities

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Missional Communities are caused based groups of like-minded individuals, who gather monthly to dream of ways to meet tangible needs in our city. Through three missional communities: Bright Minds, Open Arms, and Thriving Families, we seek to embody our core value of mission through purpose.



Bright Minds exists to develop, challenge and support the education of individuals and organizations that want to thrive with a Biblical worldview.  We equip people to fulfill their God-given potential and purpose.

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open arms

The vision of Open Arms is not only to feed and clothe people, but to wrap them with hope, love and encouragement. We don’t want to be just a handout, we want to be a hand up.  

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thriving families

The vision of Thriving Families includes serving families with a passion or desire to foster or adopt, those who may have special needs family members, or the creation of support communities for those experiencing infertility and more!