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You were not created to live a stretched thin and stressed out life. Yet, that may be how you feel in attempt to juggle the demands on your time, money, relationships, and work. There is a better way. The Bible is filled with practical wisdom on how to reclaim margin in the most important areas of your life, so that you can prioritize that which matters most. Don’t miss the launch of Margin on Sunday, September 15th where you will gain Godly wisdom on how to slay the “margin monsters” of your life.

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Are you ready to join thousands of people all over Kansas City to take control of your time and money and slay the Margin Monster? 

Margin Kansas City is a partnership between Dave Ramsey and 100 other churches to make Financial Peace University available all over our city. FPU is a proven plan to build a budget, dump debt, grow your wealth, and leave money stress behind! Each lesson, taught by Dave Ramsey and his team of financial experts, is based on biblical wisdom and common sense.

You can participate by joining an FPU group where you’ll be motivated and encouraged by others just like you! Don’t let the Margin Monster become your pet!


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88% of people are living beyond their limits and are one change of circumstances from a financial crisis. Jesus wants us to live a remarkable life, but debt robs us of that reality.

You shouldn't feel overwhelmed and powerless over your money. You can be in control of your money and your future.

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•    Pay off Debt

•    Budget

•    Save Money

•    Give Generously


Margin KC Partners are able to offer membership kits for $95 per family. This includes a one-year membership to Financial Peace online resources and the EveryDollar Budgeting App. 

Already in a Community Group?
Contact your leader to find out how to sign up.

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