At Indian Creek, we want to give everyone the opportunity to experience true authentic, God-centered community so we encourage people to join a Community Group

Community Groups are at the core of how we live out the value of Love through Authentic Community.  Simply put, Community Groups are a gathering of people, who meet regularly for a common purpose, that results in relational connection and spiritual transformation.  Groups are an environment for encouragement and diving deeper in care and support for one another. They are the space for you to build friendships, be encouraged to live a life of faith and purpose and simply have fun!  

When you are ready make meaningful connections, there is likely a group of people that share a similar passion, who are experiencing a similar life stage, or live in your neighborhood.  We hope you'll dive into one and experience the love of God as you relate to others.




Leading a group doesn't have to be intimidating or overwhelming. It all starts with a desire to make disciples and grow in relationship with others. Maybe you have a passion you'd like to share with others, or you simply love hosting people in your home. However God has gifted you, start there. We'll provide all the training, resources and encouragement you need to be a successful Group Leader.