Growth happens best in authentic relationships. At Indian Creek, those relationships happen in Community Groups, Classes and Missional Communities. Practically speaking, these are smaller gatherings of people where the truth of God's Word and the realities of life meet. This is where groups of people commit to growing in their relationships with God and each other.


"You can't grow spiritually, without connecting relationally." 


When do groups, classes and missional communities meet?

They meet on the trimester system. Group semesters occur in the spring, summer and fall. They start at the beginning of February for the spring semester, the beginning of June for the summer semester and the middle of September for the fall semester.


How long do groups last?

While each group may run a little longer or shorter depending on the study or focus, the spring and fall semesters last about 12 weeks and the summer semester lasts about 8 weeks.


How and when do I sign up to get in a group?

Prior to the start of each semester there’s about a four week period where the groups are published so you can review what groups are offered and their focus. During that time you can ask questions to the leaders and pray over which group is right for you and your schedule. When you’re ready to select a group you can sign up either in person on Sundays at worship service or online. 


Still have questions? 
Know someone who would make a great group leader?

Send us a message at info@indiancreek.org and we will contact you about Creek Community Groups.