We want Indian Creek Community Church up to thrive in the Next30!
The time to begin is now.

The Bridge to the Next30 is a spiritual growth initiative with a financial component.
We want to prepare for the future, build faith and stretch spiritually as we transition to a new Lead Pastor. 
We want to prepare our hearts and our ministry to move into the future God has for Indian Creek. 

In the next year we will be adding a new Lead Pastor and the Kendalls will overlap with the pastoral couple to provide strong leadership succession, and we are already preparing.

We desire to grow spiritually and build capacity. We will bring our technology up to date to give us a better Sunday experience and provide opportunity to reach out further through it, and we will continue to add ministry opportunities in the new year.

Will you be the bridge?

The financial component that enables us to raise $100,000, above our regular tithes (to be contributed in the next six months—December 1 through June 1). 70% of the increased income will fund the development of media ministry and the other 30% funds ministry for program and staff development.

Will you prayerfully consider joining others at Indian Creek in giving your best above and beyond your regular tithe to build this?

We will not move on these improvements until we have the funds in hand. The funding season is November of 2016 through June 1, 2017.

The time to build the bridge is now.





For $70,000 we can update our Auditorium’s technology.

This creates better outreach to newcomers and serves those who are the heart of Indian Creek. It gives us the ability to put our services online where we can extend the outreach of our church. Much of the technology in the Auditorium was new in 2006 when the Auditorium was built.

Some of it is reaching end of life. Other equipment is one or two generations removed from today’s standard. This is a “pay me now or pay me later" proposition as we know we have to make these purchases in the near future.


Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 11.51.21 PM.png


We desire to both be good stewards of our present income and expenses, and at the same time, increase the opportunity for ministry in the first half of the next year. We regularly meet our weekly needs through Indian Creek’s faithful giving but we must build a greater capacity financially to build a bridge to the future. 

We are relaunching our Student Ministry at the beginning 2017 with new programs and facilities through renovating our existing spaces. CreekKids is growing and we plan to add part-time staff in Adult Spiritual Formation. 



We have a drive to thrive in ministry both to our congregation and to those who don’t yet know real life in Jesus.
We prepare now by adding new leadership, new technology, new outreach and new ministry
all to give us the best opportunity to build a bridge to the Next30!