What Can We Learn?

Image via AP

Image via AP

We have two amazing stories that have happened right here in Kansas City in the last four months and they both involve unlikely turn-arounds. You probably guessed, I’m talking about the Royals and the Chiefs.

How does that relate to us at Indian Creek you ask? Hang with me for a minute. 

In both cases teams that we know and love found themselves in difficult places. It wasn’t because they were inept. They had great players. The potential was there, but it wasn’t being realized. These are both “stories for the ages” in KC history because of the way that they turned things around. 

People who never paid attention to baseball could tell you the names of the players. Both teams set records. Even I gave up on the Chiefs at 1-5. I admit I was wrong. I thought the Royals were out of it in Houston when they were down to six outs before they had five hits in a row to save their season. And I’ll never forget Nile Davis opening kick-off return in Houston for the Chiefs to win their first playoff game in over two decades.

Okay, where am I heading with this? Right here—while some had given up on them, the players, managers and front office never gave up on themselves. 

These teams pulled together. They believed in their abilities, but they knew that they needed to approach their preparation and the games differently and they had before. The locker rooms were tight, meaning people were pulling for each other and they treated each other like family. They increased their communication and cooperation. They employed a “whatever it takes” approach. They humbled themselves and dug deep.

They came back and were better than ever! I believe that because we are made in God’s image, the human spirit is capable of amazing things. Because when you add God to the mix nothing is impossible!

I know that these are secular illustrations, but didn’t you enjoy the ride!

We at Indian Creek Community Church have everything we need to say with confidence that our best days are ahead of us! God is ready at any point in time to lead us to places we’ve never been to, both personally and as a church.

We can do this. As we pull together, believe in our God-given abilities, and humble ourselves before God - He will do amazing things through us! I believe it. You will get my best. Let’s write another story together!

Gary Kendall,
Lead Pastor