This Wednesday night, our Student Ministry had the unveiling of their new name and their new look as "CreekStudents". They got to hear from Student Pastor Kyle about the vision behind the change as they rallied around their mission to lead students to experience real life in Jesus.

This is also marked the last night that our Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers met together. 

As of February 15, the Middle School gathering will happen on Wednesday nights, while the High School gathering will happen on Sunday nights starting February 26.

With this change, came a more focused looked at what our Student Ministry was, and what we wanted it to be. After many months of praying, brainstorming, and working, we finally decided that CreekStudents would be the name of our Student Ministry, (which helped to create some uniformity in our Family Ministry since our Children's Ministry is called CreekKids), and the Middle School and High School gatherings, although on different days of the week would go under the same name: Kairos. 

Kairos (καιρος): 1. an opportune or seasonable time.
This Greek word is used in the Bible as both a divinely appointed time and also that sweet point of the farming season when it's the best time to start harvesting. Students are in such a crucial time in their life not only because they're deciding their identity and who they are going to become but also because they are living day in and day out in the biggest, ripest, most opportune "harvest" they may ever have the chance to be in. They're surrounded by lost friends and have been commissioned by God to be His hands and feet sharing His love, peace, and the hope they have in Jesus. As CreekStudents, we will not be a "holy huddle church club". We will not belittle the role of students in the kingdom. We will not waste this crucial time, this harvest, this kairos.

And so it is with this new focus on our church-wide mission to lead people to experience real life in Jesus, that we begin a new season for our Student Ministry. 

We've also just created a Facebook Group where you'll be able to receive notifications about upcoming events, see photos of what your teens are up to, and stay in the loop. Join it by clicking HERE. 

If you have questions or want to find out more, you can contact Student Pastor Kyle Mullins at